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Comporium Communications, Visual Design & UI/UX
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Comporium Communications
Practice Area
Digital Experience

As part of the development of a new user-driven ecommerce platform for Comporium Communications, Quoin created an engaging visual design and customer-focused UI/UX based on extensive collaboration with business stakeholders across operations, marketing, and IT.

The Challenge

Comporium Communications - one of the largest telecommunications providers in the United States - embarked upon a comprehensive modernization of their enterprise portfolio. This initiative included the development and design of a sophisticated new ecommerce platform to drive customer engagement, enhance brand awareness, and ultimately increase revenue. The success of this project therefore relied as much upon creating a consistent, modern UI and seamless user experience, as it did upon the strength of its software engineering. 

Fortunately, Quoin was equipped to handle the design challenges, alongside the technological ones. Our Digital Experience team had the expertise to ensure that the web/mobile application provided the attractive, intuitive, and fully responsive digital experience that Comporium’s clients expected. As a result, in addition to architecture and development, Quoin was given responsibility for managing the platform’s visual design and its implementation. 

Our Solution

In support of our engineering team, Jon Steinberg, Director of Digital Experience at Quoin, helped to create an engaging and effective visual design that focused on the end-users. Jon worked closely with the executive sponsor, as well as a range of stakeholders throughout the organization to ensure that the new user interface was aligned with both their business objectives and customer needs. He led numerous collaborative ideation and review sessions with representatives of operations, marketing, and information technology to synthesize a visual design. Throughout this iterative process, he helped to realize the client's vision for a modern aesthetic that represented Comporium Communications as the familiar and trustworthy 'local phone company' that was also tech-savvy. Furthermore, Quoin's design maintained the established branding for the company, incorporating these recognized elements along with the new. 

Ultimately, our project team defined the user experience for both new and existing customers, and addressed challenging questions related to service address, availability, and packages. Jon's input ensured that the new ecommerce platform emphasized a customer-first and user-friendly approach that minimizes the actions required by a new or current customer. 

E-commerce Interface

The visual design of the desktop interface contributes to an effective user-experience by determining user workflows for browsing and purchasing telecommunications services. Here, customers can choose to browse, configure options, select add-on services, and self checkout. 

Mobile Responsiveness

Users encounter a cohesive, branded experience, whether they prefer to pay their Comporium bill on their deskop or on their mobile device, as illustrated in this image.