Visual & User Interface Design

Our digital experience staff has extensive experience creating elegant, intuitive, and effective visual designs for web and mobile applications – including logos, branding, graphics, layout, information architecture, and navigation. In this always-connected digital world, our human-centric designs target mobile solutions by creating user interfaces for responsive and mobile-first web applications, cross-platform mobile applications, or modern progressive web applications.

UN University Knowledge Hub site

At Quoin, creating a user interface is part of a comprehensive engineering process, and includes the specification details required for a cross-browser and cross-platform solution. Shown here is an annotated mockup for the Delta 8.7 website, which facilitates hand-off during implementation. The site was implemented for UN University to provide a data visualization and knowledge management platform.

User Interface for 90+ Cellars

A home page mockup of the e-commerce site for 90+ Cellars is shown here, which demonstrates an attractive and easy-to-use design for consumers. We always focus on ensuring that our designs are user-friendly whether they are on a mobile or desktop device.


Our approach is driven by an alignment between stakeholders and developers.

  • Engage stakeholders in interviews for a clear articulation of requirements and features.
  • Define a creative brief on project goals, expectations, and desired outcomes.
  • Identify measurable objectives for usability.
  • Conduct frequent check-ins to help realign any missed expectations quickly.
  • Establish time and scope for UI deliverables.
  • Plan for stakeholder review and feedback.
  • Deliver a complete visual design, style guide, other artifacts as required.

We often use methods and tools based on the specific project, but often use the following:

  • Discovery – User interviews and journey maps
  • Basic UI/UX – initial sketches and wireframing tools such as UX Pin or Axure
  • Visual Design – InVision or Zeplin

We strive to engage stakeholders to articulate goals, use measurable objectives, capture our shared understanding, and plan for stakeholder feedback. Creation and elaboration of the visual design and user experience is a process of incremental delivery and continuous feedback from stakeholders. We prefer a hybrid approach of an initial design phase and then a concurrent process of visual design, user experience, and development. Thus, we will have our design resources available throughout a project, even if we aim to have the UI/UX design 80% completed early in the project.