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userBrad KainMay 03, 2021
7 Factors That Drive Estimation

What makes estimation so difficult? At first glance, it’s simply a response to the question of ‘how long will it take?’ And yet, it’s often a practice that demands constant coaching.

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userEva StraussFebruary 08, 2021
The Impressive ROI of Comporium’s New Ecommerce Platform

Investing in a well-designed ecommerce platform isn’t just about providing a great experience for customers - it’s also a smart business move.

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userBrad KainDecember 28, 2020
UNICEF Primero & Quoin in the News

 A recent article in Forbes Magazine, highlights our work on the Primero platform for case management and collaboration with UNICEF and Microsoft.

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userLadi OlaoyeAugust 31, 2020
The Three C’s of Project Communication

Communication is one of the most important aspects of any project or team collaboration...

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userJeff SamuelsJune 25, 2020
Introduction to Flutter & Dart

Flutter is an open-source toolkit for building applications for mobile, web, and desktop platforms...

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