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From Old to New: Creating a new and improved web application for the National Hospice and Palliative Care Organization

Out with the old and in with the new, how modernizing a web application can improve a user's experience

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How Simple Performance Improvements Caused a 500% Increase in Organic Search Traffic

A client was struggling to improve an online presence that was practically zero, but Quoin's focus on the basics revolutionized their SEO ranking and site traffic.

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Who Is At Risk?

Who actually bears more risk in a conventional fixed cost agreement - the outsource development team or the client?

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A Bad Call

Since examples of what not to do can be as important as how to correctly estimate development work, I wanted to share some thoughts on a past project.

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7 Factors That Drive Estimation

What makes estimation so difficult? At first glance, it’s simply a response to the question of ‘how long will it take?’ And yet, it’s often a practice that demands constant coaching.

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Our dedicated staff of creative minds allows us to provide a large list of capabilities and solutions to fit any business needs. 

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