MyComporium Goes Live

After years of planning, development, and overcoming various challenges, Comporium’s new Customer Self Service MyComporium application went live in August 2023. A key part of the telecommunication company’s mission to enhance customer satisfaction and provide a modern online experience, the MyComporium project also marks a significant achievement in our ongoing commitment to deliver technology solutions that transform the way businesses engage with their customers.

Transforming Customer Self Service

The new MyComporium site offers customers a revamped, user-friendly platform to manage their telecom account and review offered products and services. It is both a replacement and an upgrade of their former Customer Self Service (CSS) application, and offers the following key features and benefits for customers.

  • Intuitive User Interface: The application provides a streamlined design, ensuring effortless navigation for users, and leading to increased user engagement and satisfaction.
  • Effortless Account Management: Customers can now better manage their accounts and update their details, including viewing billing information, order history, and any promotion expirations.
  • Efficient Support: We integrated chat features that bypass the call center, instantly connecting customers to Comporium representatives and enabling them to submit online support tickets with ease.
  • Smooth Shopping: The application offers embedded ads and a seamless transition to the ecommerce platform, allowing customers to browse new services and products without needing to revalidate their accounts.
Building for Future Growth

In addition to the new and improved customer-facing features of MyComporium, Quoin implemented critical back-end enhancements to Comporium’s enterprise systems that will enable the company’s digital infrastructure to adapt to future needs and expand alongside its customers. 

  • Progressive Web App (PWA) Functionality: The introduction of PWA functionality ensures that Comporium customers experience the application seamlessly across devices, offering them a native app-like experience (such as notifications) while reducing cost and effort for Comporium with a single code base. 
  • Business Process Management Layer: Quoin engineers replaced an application-specific data service with a business layer to incorporate existing data services into one gateway service. A major back-end effort, this infrastructural change is intended to buffer MyComporium by translating any future changes on the business side through the business layer, increasing enterprise flexibility and scalability.
  • Updated Payment Processing System: We integrated the Customer Self Service application with Comporium’s new payment processing system, enhancing transaction security, speed, and reliability, with full PCI compliance updates.
  • Administrator Panel: Working together with Comporium’s IT team, we updated an existing application to be compatible with MyComporium, adding functionality to allow customer service representatives and employees to assist users and manage customer accounts. 
Going Forward

The go-live of the MyComporium Customer Self Service application was an enormous accomplishment for Comporium Communications after years of hard work from everyone involved in the project. This successful implementation is more than just a technological upgrade; it is a significant stepping stone on Comporium’s journey towards an unparalleled modern customer experience, and represents a shift in how Comporium interacts with its customers. At Quoin, we are excited about the potential for continued collaboration with Comporium and the positive impact it will have on their customer engagement and satisfaction.