About Us
We enable our clients to realize their goals by listening, collaborating, and tackling the most challenging problems

Technologists who understand it’s not about the technology

For us, technology is the means - not the end. Our mission is to simply build great software. We believe this first requires solving the problem with our clients and then marshalling the right professional tools. Quoin is entirely agile, and our project and engineering staff are passionate about using modern languages and frameworks.

Buy and Build

Modern web, mobile, and enterprise applications are not built entirely from scratch. Software  consists of building blocks – open source frameworks, libraries, commercial platforms, services, and other elements. At Quoin, we deliver outstanding value to our clients by understanding how to assemble these building blocks as part of a solution that is entirely customized to their requirements.


We believe our broad client and sector experience enables Quoin to build better solutions; our perspective gained from working in diverse sectors better prepares us with the right questions that challenge otherwise intractable assumptions. Our specialty is the most important aspect of building great software - knowing how to step back and understand the problem.

  • Digital Transformation
  • Analytics & Data Management
  • Mobile-to-Enterprise
  • Digital Experience
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Our team thrives on working with clients to understand and adapt to their needs. Cross-functional and committed, we concentrate on delivering outstanding results

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