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As a boutique firm, we prioritize building strong relationships with clients. We believe that our understanding of your challenges enables better collaboration and results. Our clients trust Quoin for a range of professional services, from consulting on process and organizational improvement to full lifecycle development and support.

Our Tool Kit
Digital Transformation

Revolutionizing the tools that enable our clients to better serve customers and constituents

National Geographic, Identity & Engagement Platform
Quoin built a sophisticated Identify & Engagement platform that enabled this iconic publisher to establish a robust system for membership.
Comporium Communications, Modernization of the Enterprise Platform

Quoin built a robust eCommerce platform that drove significant new revenue for our client.

UN University, Knowledge Management & Data Visualization Platform
We implemented a Knowledge Management & Data Visualization platform to foster global collaboration and streamline content publishing.
LINK, Real Estate Listing Service
Quoin re-engineered a Real Estate Listing platform to provide a state-of-the-art user experience aligned with the service’s customer-focused objectives.
Architecture & System Integration
Solving complex interoperability problems.
Web & Mobile Application Development
Quoin-built applications focus on the needs of the user.
Technology for Development
ICT solutions for governments, international agencies, and NGOs working in the fields of international development.
Agile Coaching & Training
An agile coach supports your project team with the day-to-day guidance necessary for success.
Continuous Integration & Delivery
Quoin can recommend, adapt, and configure the tools and processes for Continuous Integration and Continuous Delivery (CI/CD).
Analytics and Visualization Applications
QUOIN understands that there is no one-size-fits-all solution for data analytics and visualization.
Security, Robustness, & Performance
Enterprise systems are the backbone of organizations, but their extraordinary complexity can challenge IT teams.
Visual & User Interface Design
Our digital experience staff have extensive experience creating elegant, intuitive, and effective visual designs for web and mobile.
User Experience (UX)
We see user experience (UX) as a multi-disciplinary activity that involves visual design, software engineering, and human factors.
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