Web & Mobile Application Development

Quoin excels at putting powerful tools into users' hands and understands how to design and build apps that enhance engagement and productivity. Whether desktop, tablet, or phone, Quoin-built applications focus on the needs of the user – consumers, professionals, social service providers, and others – and connect them to the information and services required.


Our design-to-build experience with a range of web and mobile technologies enables Quoin to deliver custom-tailored applications for any challenge.


Using a human-centric approach to visual design, we work with stakeholders to define an outstanding user experience.


We excel at problem-solving and thrive on technical challenges from a seamless integration of mobile-to-enterprise applications to leading-edge practices for data analytics.


Quoin has built applications to support demanding operations, such as systems that deliver 200 million page-views per month, support over 100,000 transactions per hour, or function despite intermittent connectivity.

Our Work

UNICEF Primero Dashboard

Quoin is the lead developer for the UNICEF Primero platform for case management, which is deployed in over 30 countries to date in the Middle East, Africa, and Asia. This responsive web and mobile application is used to deliver social protection services to children and their families and is localized in 9 languages. Shown here is the main dashboard view in a desktop browser used by a caseworker.

UNICEF Primero Mobile Dashboard

The corresponding view in a mobile browser shows how information-rich case data can be displayed for maximum efficiency. Primero is built on a modern technology stack based on React JavaScript library and delivers web and mobile functionality as a progressive web application for a seamless user experience on desktop, tablet, and mobile device platforms.

Our Approach

From planning through deployment, our project teams follow a disciplined yet flexible engineering approach for delivering web and mobile apps. We have used this strategy to build engaging applications customized to the specific requirements for a range of sectors including e-commerce, media, financial services, and others. We apply the following principles to all projects.

Be Agile — We are experienced practitioners of agile software development, using iterative development, continuous integration, and incremental releases to deliver web apps. Our project teams take an agile approach to both engaging stakeholders and responding to evolving requirements.

Assemble a Team — Quoin has the know-how to quickly assemble the people, processes, and tools needed for effective application development. We always strive to encourage collaboration and engage domain experts, end-users, and other stakeholders as part of a unified team.

Consider Performance and Scalability — We have experience building robust and scalable platforms that prioritize quality from planning to production. QUOIN has built systems that serve more than 200 million page views per month and support more than 100,000 transactions per hour.

Select the Right Technologies — QUOIN has extensive knowledge of the languages, frameworks, and other tools for building web apps, and can help clients select the right technical approach based on their project requirements. This allows us to deliver software on different technology stacks, including JavaScript/node.js, React Native, and Google Flutter/Dart.

Use an Architecture – All web apps have an intrinsic architecture. The guideline here is that our technologists have the experience to understand and apply the critical principles – separation of presentation and business logic, use of interfaces, and other proven techniques – in different technology stacks.

Leverage Open Source – We believe that open source frameworks can provide the most flexible, extensible, and robust options for implementing web apps. In addition, selecting open source projects with a vibrant community helps to ensure long-term viability, updates, and support.