Project Summary
I3C, Collaboration & Knowledge Management Platform
A space for industry experts to cooperate on solutions.
Industrial Internet Consortium (IIC)
Practice Area

Working in partnership with the Industrial Internet Consortium (IIC), Quoin built a web-based platform for knowledge management, collaboration, and digital asset management on standards and technologies for the emerging Internet of Things sector.

The Industrial Internet Consortium (IIC) is a global, member-supported organization working to accelerate development and use of the Industrial Internet of Things (IIoT). QUOIN developed a sophisticated web-based platform to support IIC's Industrial Internet Interoperability Coalition (I3C) initiative, established to promote common architectures, interoperability and open standards in the IIoT. The I3C Collaboration Platform enables members and partners to collaborate on research, development, and industry-led specifications for this emerging technology sector.

Our work included user-interface design, architecture, implementation, and deployment of the platform. The QUOIN team collaborated throughout the project with IIC stakeholders and used an open source framework, WarpWorks, to support content authoring and dynamic schema-based content delivery. This innovative technical approach was instrumental in supporting specific objectives for the Consortium, including the need to engage a broad community of industry participants and the flexibility to address a rapidly evolving technology landscape. QUOIN continues to work closely with IIC to enhance the platform, including integration of the portal with other data sources.

IIC Browser Image
This figure shows a mockup of the user -interface for navigating standards and other digital assets. A user would select Industry and then be able to browse by organization, technology, or application area.
I3C Portal Architecture

The platform architecture is illustrated in the below figure. The presentation layer is responsible for rendering content in a browser and was implemented using Handlebars JS and Bootstrap JS to ensure a modern and responsive user interface. A separate layer, built on an ExpressJS server, is responsible for content delivery and authoring. The presentation and content layers are used for both delivery of content to end-users and for IIC content authors and administrators. The platform uses MongoDB to store documents, user information, numbers from testbeds, and other data related to IIC activities. ElasticSearch is used for content indexing and search. WarpWorks was used to implement schema management and a flexible interface for content management.

I3C Portal Architecture
The platform built by QUOIN provides the IIC with state-of-the-art capabilities and the latest technology tools.
  • Grid-style navigation of information based on industry, sector, application, and other characteristics
  • Schema-driven content delivery to support changes to the information architecture
  • Robust content authoring tools
  • Support for guest, member and privileged users
  • Integration with IIC and external systems
IIC member companies
complex entity & document types supported
hours for a non-technical author to add new entity & document types with custom UI