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TripTuner, Inspired Travel Application
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Quoin provides the dedicated support and development team behind TripTuner – an online tool that inspires travel and streamlines planning. We continue to work closely with this innovative startup on product strategy, architecture, technology selection, as well as day-to-day support and implementation of new features.

TripTuner® is a patented web app that inspires travelers with personalized recommendations based on an individual’s interests – Relaxing versus Active, Urban versus Remote, or other characteristics. Modeled after a stereo equalizer, TripTuner’s sliders move between two contrasting interests to capture nuanced user preferences across a number of different destination characteristics. By “tuning” their interests, users discover a host of new, exciting locales for their next adventure. 

Seeking a new technology provider to maintain and enhance its service for both consumers and business partners, TripTuner turned to Quoin. Our project team has built new features, including a completely redesigned UI while optimizing the application for an intuitive mobile experience. With extensive experience in PHP, Javascript, and advanced MySQL queries, our developers were able to quickly and effectively augment TripTuner’s functionality to reach new audiences while optimizing performance and maintaining the application’s overall stability.

TripTuner Travel Tool

Quoin also contributes to product strategy and management. As part of our support, we provide our expertise on web application architecture, development and guide TripTuner on the long-term development of the technology platform and new products. 

As a steady stream of TripTuner clients seeks to adapt this unique destination discovery experience for their own products and services, our developers have worked to customize the platform to fit new requirements – from Zappos’ DressTuner promotion to VISIT FLORIDA’s custom destination inspiration tool for tourists looking to explore the Sunshine State. 

TripTuner on Zappos DressTuner
TripTuner on Florida Beach Finder