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Save the Children, End-User Support & Maintenance
Save The Children
Humanitarian Services
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Digital Transformation

Quoin collaborates with Save the Children to ensure that their software platform effectively and securely delivers humanitarian aid to children. Building on extensive experience working with international development and emergency aid organizations, our project team provides continuing support for end-users and maintenance for a desktop application vital in the delivery of child protection services.

Save the Children (STC) is a leading humanitarian aid organization that works to ensure the welfare of children, operating in 120 countries around the world through both direct and partnership operations. STC’s approach encompasses the entire well-being of children, ranging from child protection to health and education services.

In 2016, STC partnered with Quoin to support its CPIMS (Child Protection Information Management System) platform, a Microsoft Access-based data solution for managing the information of children receiving services from STC and its partners. Our team of engineers takes pride in providing diagnostic and development support for the platform in a way that maximizes the end user’s overall value while making the most efficient use of client resources and time constraints. Our work with STC follows the philosophy that technology is a means to a solution, not a solution on its own. In this case, that means maintaining a system that allows aid workers to easily and securely manage the information of at-risk children with minimum hassle.

Quoin currently supports deployments in Uganda, Nigeria, and Sudan, engaging child protection specialists to ensure the CPIMS platform continues to facilitate their work as effectively as possible.