Project Summary
Eyefinity, Jahia CMS & Website
Practice Area
Digital Experience

Quoin designed and built a new corporate website for Eyefinity, as well as supported the development of the Jahia Enterprise Content Management System. Our project team was responsible for the design, implementation, content migration, and testing of this flagship site. We worked closely with the customer to meet an aggressive development schedule and support an upcoming industry conference.

The Challenge

Eyefinity empowers the eye care industry with advanced solutions that meet rapidly changing business needs. The company’s website is crucial for engaging its audience comprised of the general public, ophthalmologists, and eye care staff seeking new practice management systems or researching market trends. Other visitors include job seekers and potential industry partners who want to find out more about Eyefinity. However, their site had not been updated since recent business acquisitions. The new website design needed to incorporate the value proposition of these service offerings as part of a newly integrated marketing message directed towards ophthalmology doctors, practice managers, staff, optometrists, and opticians.

Our Solution

Quoin re-launched the Eyefinity corporate website with an improved design and user experience, based on an open-source enterprise content management system. The website provides product information on web-based and desktop solutions for eye care professionals. The new website design created by Quoin was aligned with their new brand image and is used across multiple business units and online applications.

We were also responsible for the configuration of staging and production environments, including the deployment of Jahia Enterprise Edition, a leading CMS solution that was been selected by Eyefinity as the development framework for the site.

Our project team implemented the entire site, including design, migration of legacy content, and deployment to a new website infrastructure, in a rapid-paced 10-week project schedule.