Sue Willard

Director // Digital Transformation

Sue Willard is the Director of Digital Transformation and a partner at Quoin. Since joining Quoin in 2010, Sue has served as a key member of the leadership team, lending over two decades of project management and analyst experience to guiding client technology projects.

A little bit more about me

Sue’s disciplined and customer-focused approach, combined with her expertise in process and performance improvement, ensures that Quoin’s efforts consistently deliver fundamental improvements to clients’ business and innovation strategy.

As head of the Digital Transformation practice, Sue leads production teams on a range of efforts, including custom software development, solution implementation, and international product release projects. Her broad experience across a range of industries - from humanitarian services to online media to finance - helps her shape the skills and domain expertise of Quoin teams. Sue thrives in environments that exhibit complex requirements and dependencies, a result of her background serving in senior project management roles for a variety of global digital asset and content management organizations.

An alumnus of Smith College, Sue also holds multiple graduate degrees in management from Harvard Extension School.

Director // Digital Transformation
How Do You Unwind?:
Keeping busy with home improvement and landscaping projects at my home in Newburgh, NY or at my mother's house in Tennessee.