J. Bradford Kain

Founder & President

Brad is a proven technologist with a multidisciplinary background in mathematics and computer science, he has successfully delivered a broad range of large-scale projects and as a system architect, project lead, and engineering manager.

A little bit more about me

Brad Kain is the co-founder and president of Quoin. Together with Jean Pierre LeJacq, he has led Quoin over 25 years of growth and technological revolution. Brad channels his client-first approach into all aspects of the firm and has been instrumental in building a company that has successfully delivered large-scale projects across a broad range of industries.

As Quoin’s president, Brad manages key relationships, drives business development, and provides strategic technology consulting to clients. He is a proven technologist and innovator with a track record of successful development projects over the last three decades. As a principal consultant for process improvement and full-lifecycle development at Quoin, he has effectively guided the digital transformation of multinational organizations in fields ranging from humanitarian aid, online publishing, e-commerce, to financial services, and others. Brad’s multidisciplinary background as an analyst and mathematician enables him to broker technical issues and collaborate with clients to manage critical business objectives. He is a recognized expert in agile and lean development practices, as well as an advocate for open-source software. In addition, Brad is a principal and Chief Scientist for PublicRelay, where he is responsible for strategic relationships with technology and academic partners in machine learning.

Brad holds a bachelor’s degree in mathematics and computer science from Pennsylvania State University.

Founder & President
How Do You Unwind?:
Fencing with my daughter, Isabel
Things You Will Hear Me Saying:
"Fair enough..."
Tell Us Something That We Don't Know:
I met my beautiful and talented wife, Jodie, at PSU in 1984.
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