Eli Taft

Director // Analytics & Data Management

Eli Taft, a partner and Director of Analytics & Data Management at Quoin, has over a decade of professional experience designing and coding complex web systems and associated back-end databases.

A little bit more about me

Whether as an architect, technical lead, or senior software engineer, Eli’s enterprising yet data-driven approach to software development has resulted in an impressive track record of successful client delivery projects.

As head of the Analytics & Data Management practice, Eli leverages his technical virtuosity in a range of data science, large-scale system frameworks, and database technologies to improve the skill of his teams and the impact on Quoin clients. He is enthusiastic about building the tools and technologies to find the best solution for any client problem, and is an active supporter of open source, having made numerous contributions to community repositories through the years. Prior to joining Quoin, Eli worked as a web developer at an international publishing company, where he put his bilingual abilities to work in English and German to use converting applications.

Eli holds a degree in Computer Science from Herzing University.

Director // Analytics & Data Management
How Do You Unwind?:
Reading, writing, hiking, shoe shining/cobbling, building stuff, time with the family
Things You Will Hear Me Saying:
“You have to learn the box before you can productively think outside of it”
Tell Us Something That We Don't Know:
I'm a fan of the Oxford comma. I'm actually a whole lot taller than I look. I used to be a sponsored skateboarder, and also in a metal band. I lived in Germany for almost 4 years and am fluent in German. I'm an ordained Protestant Christian minister and teach the Bible every Sunday.