Jeff Samuels

Director // Mobility

Jeff Samuels, a Quoin partner and Director of the Mobility-to-Enterprise practice, brings over 25 years of active implementation experience in all phases of the software development lifecycle.

A little bit more about me

An innovative and resourceful software engineer, Jeff has expertly managed numerous complex business and mission projects for Quoin’s largest clients. He is adept at collaborating closely with clients to deliver robust, service-oriented digital solutions for their modern business challenges. In his current role, Jeff is responsible for the day-to-day oversight of various ongoing support and development projects.

Jeff’s background as a professor with a Ph.D. in Nuclear Engineering contributes to his skill at training detail-oriented project teams who are committed to delivering robust, scalable, and high-performing systems. Prior to joining Quoin, Jeff was an associate professor teaching Computer Information Systems, Mathematics, and Engineering at Southwestern Oregon Community College.

Director // Mobility