Pavel Nabutovsky

Technical Lead // Digital Transformation

Quoin partner Pavel Nabutovsky is an engineer and systems architect serving as the Technical Lead for our Digital Transformation practice. A proven expert and advocate for practical, capacity-building development, Pavel has extensive experience implementing digital solutions across an array of tools, methodologies, and industries - often in demanding field conditions.

A little bit more about me

Pavel understands from firsthand experience that successful use of technology depends on proper training, organizational coordination, and stakeholder buy-in. As part of his responsibilities, Pavel is the primary architect and global technical lead for Primero, UNICEF’s innovative software platform which has revolutionized information management for child protection services and incident reporting. He has also worked on a series of content aggregation and system integration projects both during and prior to his time at Quoin.

Originally from the city of Kharkiv in Ukraine, Pavel immigrated to the United States as a young man where he earned a degree in computer science from the University of Massachusetts. He loves tea, traveling, and large dogs. An avid fencer, Pavel is occasionally willing to aim a riposte at Quoin President Brad Kain.

Technical Lead // Digital Transformation
How Do You Unwind?:
Tea and travelling. I’m also an avid fencer, and occasionally willing to aim a riposte at Quoin President Brad Kain