Antonio Gallardo

Director // Technology & Support

Antonio Gallardo, our Director of Technology & Support, has over 20 years of experience managing global resources as a software engineer, architect, and project lead. 

A little bit more about me

As the CEO and founder of AG Software, a long-term Quoin partner and the largest software development company in Nicaragua, Antonio brings a skillset rich in analysis, strategic planning, and hands-on development to all aspects of his work. His technological expertise covers the entire project life cycle and a broad range of disciplines - from planning, analysis and design, to architectures, databases, deployment, and enterprise networking. He is also adept in a wide range of technologies including Java 2/J2EE, XML, XSLT, application servers, and other related tools. 

Throughout his career, these skills have enabled Antonio to successfully lead project teams to deliver enterprise applications, as well as guide clients through tool selection and technology implementation. His client-facing experience extends across diverse industries, including distributed information services, banking, accounting, eCommerce, education, humanitarian services, and online publishing. He is also a veteran open source contributor and member of The Apache Software Foundation, where he participates in the Project Management Committees of Apache Cocoon and Apache Lenya.

Antonio earned a Master's degree with honors from the Technical University of Košice, Slovakia, where he studied Computers and Informatics.

Director // Technology & Support