Project Summary
Hachette Book Group
Hachette Book Group
Practice Area
Digital Transformation

Quoin built a new application for author and agent royalties, as part of a B2B e-commerce portal for Hachette Book Group. Our work ensured the correct and timely delivery of royalty statements to agents, which is an important contractual obligation for this leading global publisher. For this project, we utilized a modern web application architecture, including Django and MySQL.

The Challenge

Hachette Book Group (HBG) has contracts to publish books with authors through their agents. As an enhancement to the Authors & Agents portion of their Business Portal, HBG wanted to provide online access for agents to royalty statements, which are mailed quarterly. It was crucial to ensure these statements could only be accessed by the agent responsible for the contract, even while they relied on an administrator from the agency to connect the agent to the correct contract. 

The Solution

Quoin was engaged to design and implement this portion of the site using specifications and wireframes created by the client, as well as leveraging existing code and processes in the Business Portal. Our project team developed a solution using a feed of data and PDF-formatted royalty statements provided by HBG’s Contracts system to establish a system that met our client's requirements. We used a modern stack including MySQL, Django, and web technologies such as JavaScript and CSS. Over the course of the three-month project, Quoin technologists were able to build the new portion of this important feature in close collaboration with our client.