Hữu Ðà Trần

Technical Lead // Mobility

As a Quoin partner and the Technical Lead for our Mobility practice, Hữu Ðà Trần heads many client projects as a fearless technologist and highly effective technical lead.

A little bit more about me

Hữu Ðà’s almost 25 years of experience building web-based and enterprise software enables him to guide development teams to implement SOA-based systems to optimize performance, scalability, robustness, and extensibility. His extensive technical knowledge and outstanding collaboration skills enable Hữu Đà to work effectively with both business and engineering stakeholders.

In addition to his responsibilities as technical lead, Hữu Đà also supports skill development, ensuring that development staff follow disciplined software engineering practices, including agile, continuous integration, test-driven development, and build/test automation. His practical experience covers a broad range of technologies across many industries, having built mobile and enterprise software for clients in retail, media/publishing, and government domains, among many others. Prior to joining Quoin, Hữu Đà worked as a software developer and engineering consultant for a variety of technology companies in his hometown of Montreal.

Technical Lead // Mobility
How Do You Unwind:
Rock climbing and playing with my dog Valentine, who is a regular visitor at the Boston office
Things You Will Hear Me Saying:
“Don't ask me, I'm Canadian.”
Tell Us Something That We Don't Know:
English is my 3rd language and Quoin is the first job where I’ve worked in English.
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