Christopher Crim

Technical Lead // Analytics & Data Management

Chris Crim is a Quoin partner and our Technical Lead for the Analytics & Data Management practice. He is a talented software engineer and technical lead with over a decade of development experience and diverse technology background that includes data science, software configuration management, and system administration.

A little bit more about me

Chris’s demonstrated skill in diagnosing and remediating complex system problems, as well as his ability to collaborate closely with clients to adapt solutions, has made him an indispensable member of many Quoin project teams.

In his current role, Chris oversees the development and delivery of web, mobile, and enterprise applications for Quoin clients. Fluent in multiple languages and methodologies, Chris excels at sharing his deep technical skillset to help train staff on best practices and tools for ensuring metrics, security, scalability, and data quality.

Chris holds a graduate degree in Information Technology from the University of North Carolina.

Technical Lead // Analytics & Data Management
How Do You Unwind?:
Doing major home renovations and mowing the yard.
Things You Will Hear Me Saying:
“Sir or Mam”
Tell Us Something That We Don't Know:
I'd rather spend more time and money fixing something then just buying a replacement.