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Automated Testing Framework
Automated Testing Framework
Unit Tests

● Used to test the lowest level components of a program

  • Test individual functions / methods

● Can use stubs to provide supporting functionality/data needed by the function being tested, but whose execution is not critical to what is being tested.

● Should be created and run by developers as they code

  • Developers can manually execute tests
  • Manually, you can execute a single test, a group of tests, or the entire suite of tests
  • All unit tests should pass cleanly before checking in / submitting code

● Can be executed automatically by Continuous Integration

  • Runs against main development branch (checked-in code)
  • Used to limit errors introduced by each code merge
Unit Tests - test frameworks

cxxtest - C/C++

rspec - Ruby on Rails (also see: Better Specs)

JUnit - Java

mocha - JavaScript test framework running on Node.js

jasmine - A competing JS test framework

Unit Test
Test Automation at Quoin