The Impressive ROI of Comporium’s New Ecommerce Platform

Investing in a well-designed ecommerce platform isn’t just about providing a great experience for customers - it’s also a smart business move. Indeed, the results from Comporium Communications, one of the country’s oldest and largest telecom providers, have demonstrated that the return on investment from their new ecommerce platform has been significant, with no signs of plateauing.

In 2018, Comporium enlisted Quoin, its long-time technology partner, to design and build a sophisticated ecommerce platform with an engaging new user-interface and full integration with Comporium’s legacy systems. The ecommerce site was a key element of Comporium’s business strategy to revolutionize their enterprise systems, transform their digital presence, and drive overall company growth. With Quoin’s development support and expertise, the project accomplished these goals, and more.

Comporium’s new ecommerce application enhanced the overall user experience and improved upon the company’s old website, which featured not only a static display, but also required all transactions to be finalized by phone. By comparison, the updated and responsive platform allowed consumers to browse products, configure options, select add-on services, and complete their checkout - all in a single browsing session and without ever having to interact with a customer support representative. 

By offering customers a seamless, comprehensive, and fully online experience, Comporium removed many of the little frictions that had affected their growth before. And the results of the streamlined process were notable. Prior to the ecommerce site’s April 2018 launch, Comporium collected most of its orders over the phone, averaging about 200 orders per month. Two years later, Comporium tripled its orders. The robust new platform further enabled Comporium to capture the spurt in telecom activity from the Covid-19 pandemic. Currently, the company processes over 600 orders per month - the majority entirely online via the ecommerce platform. 

The statistics illustrate the explosion in total customer orders more clearly:

  • 7 months after launch: 142% order growth 
  • 12 months after launch: 187% order growth
  • 2 years after launch: 286% order growth
Order Growth - 2018
Order Growth - 2020

The positive trends in order growth are followed by corresponding gains in the company’s bottom line:

  • 7 months after launch: 141% revenue growth 
  • 12 months after launch: 164% revenue growth
  • 2 years after launch: 243% revenue growth

Naturally, Comporium’s management team has been thrilled by these results. Says Josh Forte, Comporium’s Online Channel Manager, "Quoin worked hard to understand our e-commerce requirements and delivered an outstanding application."