UNICEF Primero & Quoin in the News

Primero™ is an open source software platform that helps social services, humanitarian and development workers manage protection-related data, with tools that facilitate case management, incident monitoring and family tracing and reunification.

A case manager using Primero at a field office

Leading design and development since its inception in 2014, Quoin has supported deployments in Africa, Asia, and the Middle East. A recent article in Forbes Magazine, highlighted our collaboration with UNICEF and Microsoft. Pavel Nabutovsky, Quoin Partner and technical lead for this ongoing effort, and our client sponsors address the mission and technology drivers behind the latest release. Our team has been working with UNICEF and Microsoft on some major changes – full SaaS implementation, new React-based user interface, and Progressive Web App approach for a seamless web/mobile user experience.

UNICEF & Microsoft Leverage Tech to Protect Vulnerable Children

Primero Case Management Dashboard